21071: Italian Language V - Advanced Language Skills

11/12 Session, Semester 1

Basic Information

Module Level Level 6
Nature of Study Taught Module
Credits 20
European Credit Transfer Scheme 10
Probable Attendance 30
Location Hull Campus
This module is not available as a Free Elective
This module is available as a postgraduate training module
This module is available to Exchange students

Module Rationale

Fulfils core language requirements.

Aims and Distinctive Features

This module enhances your advanced knowledge of Italian. It includes comprehension and register exercises and introduces you to liaison interpreting and report writing using audio-visual sources. It also gives you experience of specialized translation from Italian into English.

Learning Outcomes

The module has the following Learning Outcomes:

  • 1: Students will have learned to recognize and manipulate different registers of Italian
  • 2: Students will be able to manipulate sophisticated examples of contemporary written communication
  • 3: Students will be familiar with different methods of note taking techniques from oral sources and able to act as interpreters in simple liaison interpreting situations
  • 4: Students will be acquainted with the kind of translation problems faced by professionals and have developed their translation skills

Learning and Teaching Strategies

The following learning and teaching strategies are used within this module:

  • 1-hour registers class
  • 1-hour comprehension class
  • 1-hour liaison interpreting class
  • 1-hour translation class

Assessment Strategies

The following assessment strategies are used within this module:

  • 3hr Language register examination (25%)
  • Oral Liaison-interpreting and report-writing examination (25%).
  • 3 hr Translation examination (25%)
  • 2 hour comprehension examination (25%).

Reassessment Strategy

Reassessment will take the same form as the initial assessment for this module.

Arrangements for Revision and Private Study

Detailed advice will be provided for private study and revision is built into the structure of this incremental language-learning module.

Module Constraints

Specific Module Constraint Details

The following specific constraints apply to this module:

  • Previous Module Completed
    • 21041: Italian Language IV

Indicative Content

You will learn to write Italian to a high standard, to be familiar with different methods of note-taking from oral sources to be able to act as interpreters in simple liaison interpreting situations and to translate a variety of texts from Italian in to English.


Ms S Rizzardi Co-ordinator
Miss D de Ferra Lecturer

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